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Cobra in the Garden!

It’s no secret that how we treat our landscape, the earth and even our gardens is reflective of the ways we take care of our bodies. This April we saw a momentous stride in articles, stories and community out-reach events celebrating Earth Day here in the US and abroad. What started nearly 40 years ago by three, now well-known eco-activists has touched over 175 countries world-wide!

With Every Step

Mindfulness is at the heart of cultivating our connection with the earth. Our ability to interact with our environments thoughtfully allows the earth to become a natural extension of how we choose to flow through it. Making this connection deep and well-rooted is the start, yet learning how to grow and stretch this mentality with every step is essential to keep it thriving. Sure, we’re busy people immersed in an info-culture that sometimes has our mind’s streaming up in the air. For the most part though, in-reality, we’re walking, talking living creatures who inhabit the ground and depend on what blooms and sprouts from it.

Grow & Stretch at Home

Earth day usually pumps everyone up to plant a new tree or start a radical recycling program at home. The popular trend taking our country by storm this year is building and growing produce-yielding gardens in our own backyards. A trend that’s sure to become a main-stay for Americans, home-growing is one of the most community and country-wide friendly activities to become engaged in.

Plant Planning

The nicer weather is here (if you’re back East, us Westerners promise it’s on the way) and now is the best time to get that garden planned. With all there is to choose from, here’s how we decide (especially if you’re new in the garden):

  • Save $$$ right from the start! Make your regular grocery list of produce. Now circle the top three most expensive items you regularly purchase. Voila, there’s the start to your garden.
  • Try something completely new. Local varietals face extinction when we focus on importing produce from far-away regions. Preserve what grows in your locale naturally by choosing regional heirloom varieties. Although heirlooms can be un-predictable at times, the rich flavor they yield will make you a kitchen-gardener for life!

A Cobra in the Garden

Friend and yoga expert, Heather Grisco can attest to what it’s like living the good life here in Southern California. As the owner and instructor at the locally popularBird Rock Yoga, Heather lives and teaches the extension from earth to whole-body wellness. With a mindful attitude toward our community, Heather helps students learn how to preserve, stretch and strengthen their core as a symbol of how whole-body care can cultivate everyday awareness.

Pop back next week when Heather visits to teach us avid gardeners how we can keep our bodies strong for the planting and growing season ahead!

If you’re looking for a fun way to bond with your family this year and teach the kiddies invaluable lessons, growing is the way to go. Check out the interview I did at Culinary Concepts where Laura Seery and I chat about how kitchen gardening gets you trying new foods, eating tremendously healthier and teaching kids the value of their dollars!


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