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Seed to Table II: Happy Seedlings

So you’ve got sprouting seeds popping up all over? We hope everyone’s seeds are happy and healthy, but….. if some of your seeds are crying for help, we can help them (and you).

So, let’s start with a tip on seedling rot. Your baby seedlings will rot if the soil they’re living in is too soggy. Seedlings like a drink before they completely dry out. Water them gently from a water bottle or indoor watering can.

I See the Light

Your tender little seedlings can grow five inches while you’re asleep for the night! They’re searching for light. If you can’t put your seed tray near a sunny window, fluorescent or grow lights will do the trick. Be sure your light source isn’t more than six inches or so above the trays. They’ll begin the “search for light dance” and become spindly.

Spin Cycle

If your little babes are healthy green, but bent over, they’re just saying, “we need to be spun around every day to get light on our backs.” Give the seed tray a 180 degree turn every day and they’ll happily stand up straight!

Breathe Baby Breathe!

Keeping your seed trays covered in plastic wrap or tray covers can result in moldy soil and your seedlings will be rotting at the soil level. Maybe they’ve developed a fungus because of covering? Don’t be scared, it’s a common occurrence.

Tip: Another reason for fungus is not using sterile soil. All seedlings deserve “virgin” soil to begin their new life so get them some seed starting mix (or make your own, ask us about this)!

Begin Again

If any of these common problems have hurt your “gardener ego,” there’s great news! Start over! There’s still plenty of time to start a new round of seeds and have them ready for planting after our last frost. Think about this: Michelangelo made thousands of sketches before he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.




  1. Wheemzell says

    Hi, I am learning 🙂 little by little. I have mine all in containers already and think I may have moved them too soon but learning is by doing I suppose. Liked your page ! ~ Seeds=Life~

    • Kath Dionese says

      You’re right!! Learning is by doing. If you let us know where you moved them to, we can offer help. And, it’s not too late to begin again. Plant new seeds!!

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