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Seed to Table Part I: It’s SOW Easy!

Wish You Knew How to Garden?

Starting seeds indoors is easy breezy! All you need are seeds, starting mix and vessels! Recycled milk cartons cut in half, yogurt containers or virtually any other container will work!

Note: Don’t want to fuss around with vessels? You can buy seed starting cell-packs w/ soil already in them.

Although I prefer the first method, if you choose the cells, just add water to seed cells, plant your seeds and voila! A sunny south facing window is all they need to be happy. Your excitement will surprise you at the first sign of green!

Whichever way you go, keep soil moist, but not soggy! Don’t let soil completely dry out either.

Taking Notes

This one is important if you’re planning a future in growing your own food year after year! Whether you have a small six by four or sprawling garden planned, start a garden journal. Many garden newbies decide to skip this step their first year only to find themselves wishing they’d kept some notes while digging in the next year!

What to Jot Down:

It need not be exhaustive: jot down what worked, what didn’t, what could have used more sun, less water…

The Advantages of Seeds over Plants

  • Head-start on growing season; will yield edibles sooner.
  • Bigger selection when you grow seeds! Can yield varietals (think hierlooms) and keep them thriving.
  • Economical! Did you know you can grow 50 tomato plants from a pack of seeds as opposed to one plant for same price at the local nursery!

Wait, Back Up! What Should I Plant?
Not sure what to plant? Since this is a kitchen garden, ask yourself questions about what you like to eat! Does your family love tomatoes, what sorts of things do you like to cook, are you salad lovers?…

$ Saving Tip: If you don’t have much space and are still having trouble deciding what to grow, make a list of what usually costs your family the most. Your first garden can focus entirely on growing pricier produce at home!

Remember, it’s your first year digging in, so be open to new discoveries out there! Sticking to the basics in the garden can still yield a whole new variety of food for your seasonal menu! Have a question? We’re here to answer- we were beginners once too!

What’s Next?

Even tiny spaces can grow lush gardens. Catch us in one of our upcoming posts on growing food in any space!

Interested in outdoor container gardening or would you rather sow your seeds directly into the garden? Watch the weather and we’ll keep you posted!

Until next time!



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