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New to Garden Eats?

Garden Eats is the place to learn about organic kitchen gardening and tasty ways to design health through food! We’ve tossed the idea of dieting to grab hold of eating for total everyday wellness! At Garden eats, we like to call it medicinal culinary therapy!

Home grown and co-created by Kath & Christine Dionese, Garden Eats is a community of socially conscious kitchen gardeners, integrative health specialists, chefs, social anthropologists & talented food writers! We teach fun classes to schools and work with local & seasonal food businesses. Ready to dig in and learn about living well sustainably through food? We also privately consult to organizations and folks at home.

Please join us here for guests, giveaways, articles, food photography and fun ways to get re-acquainted with real food!

A Family of Kitchen Gardeners

In the Garden

Kath and Chrissy come from a family full of avid gardeners and kitchen naturals. Kath tells stories about her Sicilian grandfather coming home with over-flowing boxes of fruits and veggies from the famous Rochester Public Market where he worked in produce sales. As far back as Chrissy can remember, her Grandma Rose Marie (Kath’s mom) has been in the garden. Around every corner at Grandma’s house a flower or plant garden of some sort blooms. She’s convinced her grandfather (artist, natural architect and builder extraordinaire) actually built up their property just so her gardens could sprawl!

Kath is a patient gardener. She stands in the garden calmly hoeing her rows and laying the seeds one by one. Eager to see the garden grow, Chrissy takes cues from Kath on how to space the rows just so to allow a friendly home for each veggie. Chrissy is learning to become more patient, yet still calls on Kath every couple of days to check on the young plantings! “It’s my first time growing from seeds!” Chrissy adds. “Last year we started with young organic plants. This year will be a new adventure for me. Just in one day I learned so much from my mom about gardening patience!”

Getting to Know The Gals

Kath * Content Editor

Always smiling and joking, Kath is one of the most upbeat happy people you’ll ever come across. Her famous saying is, “everyday is a holiday!”

A naturally gifted artist, Kath has happily inherited the talents of both her parents. A typical day for Kath? One minute you’ll find her salvaging antique furniture, next she’s upside down creating a faux finish mural on the ceiling… Did we mention she can cook too? Just ask and she’ll have to admit her home-made sauce beckons quite the cult following!

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Christine * Managing & Creative Editor, Chief Contributor

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Chrissy evolved her interest in gardening by turning it into a career in medicine. After finishing her study of psychology she moved to California to study Chinese medicine. Being the natural alchemist that she is, you’ll find her at the stove cooking up Chinese herbs and crafting medicinal culinary delights.

In her private practice, Chrissy instills the simple idea that, “food is good, it’s here to eat.” Blending her background in integrative medicine, clinical nutrition and medicinal culinary therapy, Chrissy helps her patients “become friends” with food and enjoy what they put in their mouths.

Stay tuned in 2011 as she teams up with Garden Eats newest contributor, UK based executive chef, Magnus Mumby. For a preview of what’s to come, check out her seasonal recipes here.

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C H R I S T I N E Dionese, co-founder of flavor ID and Garden Eats is an integrative health & food therapy specialist, medical & food journalist. She has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. To balance the more serious side of her work, she loves to concoct, write about and connect people through food & drink. You can check out her latest work at The Chalkboard Magazine, The Fullest and Rochester's Boomtown Table. Christine lives, works and plays between Southern California & Upstate New York.

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