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National Nutrition Month is Coming in March!

At Garden Eats, we’ve adopted the motto that dieting is so yesterday. We came onto the blogging scene to put the taste back into your food; to transform eating into something that you can relax, enjoy and mostly, feel good about! We want to help you become a conscious eater, naturally and let readers know that healthy food is for everyone.

March marks National Nutrition Month here in the US. With nutrition finally having turned into a cool thing people want to be involved in, we’re going to be blogging all month long about how to make nutrition a lifestyle.

To make this happen, Garden Eats will be highlighting a collective consciousness of chefs, specialty nutritionists, easy ways to incorporate a kitchen garden into your home or yard, a very tasty foodie give-away featuring local businesses, our new community fruit pick-n-share initiative, yum-tastic ways to get kids involved in the kitchen and we’re even going to show you microwave lovers out there that the stove is in fact, a much cooler invention!

Now, is the best time for you to get involved with Garden Eats. This upcoming month is for you to see and learn about what you want. As all of our friends prepare their contributions for National Nutrition Month, email us your ideas, thoughts and wonderings about all things food and organic gardening to be included in their features. Right now, we’re mostly an east meets west coast, US based blog, but we want to hear from you even if you above, below or in-between! Tell us about where you come from and how you want to incorporate nutrition as daily lifestyle.

Thanks for all of your recent emails, involvement and feedback! We like that you like the recipes, the new garden gallery, that you enjoy advertising here, that your businesses invite us to speak to your teams and your gardening groups have fun learning about building organic kitchen gardens!

Photo by Kei!

We still have one west coast and one east coast date available on our speaking calendar if you’d like to hook up with us to celebrate National Nutrition Month at your organization. One of our favorite things to do is  teach school children how to grow their own food. If your school has been thinking about building a food garden on your grounds, catch us now; we’d love to dig in with you!



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