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Just planted!

Seeds In!

When I woke up at 7 the sun was already out and the air was warm and breezy. I knew it would be a good day to plant! Kath and I decided to take advantage of the perfect weather and get our seedlings into this year’s organic summer veggie garden. Well, the first of two!

Kath had already taken care to lay her home-made organic compost in the raised bed which left us ready to plant!

Garden hoe in hand, Kath began to carve out our rows. What should we start with I thought? Kath decided on swiss chard for one of the outer edges. “One seed at a time,” Kath calls out to me. “Really?” I replied surprised.

Healthy hearty plants generally take only one seed per planting square meter. “Space them out carefully” Kath tells me, “and they’ll grow perfectly!”

In went organic kale, green and red swiss chard, broccoli, baby and king spinach. I popped in our row markers as Kath gave the new garden its first shower.

“Yeah mom, that was awesome!” Kath laughs, “Chrissy, you’re funny.”

Last year we grew from young plants, so this is a new adventure for me. I’m sure my mom’s gift of patience will eventually rub off on me as I learn the tricks to growing from seed!

Stay tuned… With Kath diligently watering and having her chats with the little plants they’re sure to stay happy and grow…. Right up from the ground!


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