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Garden Eats is a place to learn about organic kitchen gardening made easy and tasty ways to design health through food! This is a place to toss the idea of dieting to grab hold of eating for total everyday wellness! Here, we like to call it, medicinal culinary therapy.

With an East meets West approach (that is, East United States meets West United States), we’ll bring you what’s in season, where to find it, how to grow it, why to grow it, what tastes good, principles of food combining to enhance nutrition… Guests! Our fave guest chefs, travelers, herbalists, farmers, food designers and real people who like to eat will be popping by from all locales to keep Garden Eats fresh!

There’s a lot going on between all that grows in our NY and Cali gardens and yards. As the growing season on the east coast transitions we’ll talk more about what I keep finding, cultivating and harvesting out in the California hill-side.

Dieting is so yesterday! Garden Eats takes the science out of eating to put the taste in your food. We hope you like it here!

Our Team


Creative Head | Contributor

Laura graduated from the University of California, San Diego, and took her passion for fine cuisine, along with her writing and marketing skills, to work for Culinary Concepts, a leading special event caterer. As a 6-year veteran of the catering industry, Laura is an authority on creative menu design, food trends and entertaining. Her heart lies in seasonal cooking, inspired by fruits and vegetables at their ripest and sweetest, and choosing organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. Laura’s favorite gastronomic topics to explore include unique and unexpected spice and flavor combination’s, Asian/Californian-fusion and good old fashioned ‘one pot meals’.


The Chef | Contributor

Magnus began cooking natural foods for patients of his father’s natural medicine and food allergy clinic while still in his teens. Guided by his father’s expertise in health and nutrition, Magnus learned, hands on, the healing power of food and experimented with ingredients and preparations. In his more than 20 years of crafting healthy, delicious recipes, he has travelled the world learning local cuisines, presided over the kitchens of some of Manchester’s and the UK’s most renowned establishments and developed an expertise in helping people enjoy eating healthful foods.


Food Therapist

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Chrissy evolved her interest in gardening by turning it into a career in medicine. After finishing her study of psychology she moved to California to study Integrative and Chinese medicine. Being the natural alchemist that she is, you’ll find her at the stove cooking up Chinese herbs and crafting medicinal culinary delights.

Christine is Garden Eats’ food therapy specialist. If you have a question, she will be delighted to hear from you!


Chief Kitchen Gardener

Kath is a patient gardener. She stands in the garden calmly hoeing her rows and laying the seeds one by one. Eager to see the garden grow, Chrissy takes cues from Kath on how to space the rows just so to allow a friendly home for each veggie. Chrissy is learning to become more patient, yet still calls on Kath every couple of days to check on the young plantings! “It’s my first time growing from seeds!” Chrissy adds. “Last year we started with young organic plants. This year will be a new adventure for me. Just in one day I learned so much from my mom about gardening patience!”

Kath is the chief garden gal at Garden Eats. If you have a tricky gardening question, she’d love to hear from you!

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