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Garden Eats DeVoe Family Easter Photo

Garden Eats Easter Egg Traditions

Easter is upon us and I’ll admit, it still excites me to color eggs. Growing up, it was a ritual for my mom to get all six kids into old t-shirts, spread newspaper on the kitchen table and fill glass cups with vinegar. Enter my dad who took over from there. He let us pick … Continue reading

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San Diego’s Newest Happy Hour At The Patio On Lamont Street Pacific Beach

    When farm to table restaurants come to town, Pacific Beach that is, Garden Eats gets excited. There’s no greater joy than kicking back to order off of a menu where the chef has taken great care to source ingredients locally and sustainably. That’s exactly what chef John Medall has created with his new … Continue reading

Meatless Monday Featuring Rawsome Vegan Baking’s Avocado Towers With Chocolate Mousse

The Garden Eats community is a collection of people from around the world with all kinds of taste. One thing we can all seem to come together over is dessert- especially chocolate. Today, we’re featuring a cool dessert we recently tried by raw food recipe creator and author, Emily von Euw from her new “un-cookbook”, … Continue reading

Garden Eats Chickpeas Kath

Meatless Monday: More Than One Way Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are my new fave obsession. They’re SO easy to make and the prep time is about 5 minutes. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are loaded with protein, lots of antioxidants, Vitamin B and a whole lot of fiber. Hummus is made from pureed chickpeas, but roasting them does it for me. In the recipe below,  … Continue reading

Ask Garden Eats: Are Organic Food Pouches Healthy For Kids?

Ask Garden Eats: I give my kids the squeeze pouches that contain organic fruit and veggie blends. In their March newsletter, Fooducate says they’re not that great. It’s just that I can’t get my kids to eat vegetables. Advice, thoughts? -Jule, Vista, California, mother of 2 boys Garden Eats: Yesterday we went to the farmer’s … Continue reading

NiCA Fund IG

Help Concrete Geometric With The Nica Fund

Seeing the devoted work our friends are doing and participating in across the world and right outside our doors via Instagram has been really neat for us. One such gal we’re in love with is Krizia Flores, the designer and founder of Concrete Geometric in Los Angeles. You can’t but help love her gorg vases … Continue reading

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